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The perks of having an in-house design team

Here at Platinum Pro, we’ve done this whole house-building thing once or twice, so we understand why it’s super beneficial for our clients to have a builder and designer working together closely to ensure your dream is turned into a reality.

Our ripper in-house design team are the masters of, well, design. They also have the unique ability to translate your dream into something tangible for our builders to then create. (You can probably understand why it’s pretty important for these two teams to work together, hey?)

A major drawcard for you in choosing Platinum Pro is that your designers are, of course, in-house. But “why’s that so good?” you might ask. Well, having your designers and builders working side-by-side means streamlined communication, collaboration, and the added value of a builder’s input into the design.

With us, your builders will be involved from the get-go. This has plenty of benefits, such as your builder being able to throw in suggestions that elevate the design and functionality, or even reduce costs! Both our designers and building team have a keen eye for the smallest of details – some of which can impact your spending not only on the build itself but also on living costs, such as energy usage.

At Platinum Pro, we have the hands-on experience of what goes into the process between the plan and the picket fence, so in this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits of our in-house design team.

Under one roof

Rarely will you find a construction company with their own design team in-house. Lucky for you, Platinum Pro is one of these. Integrating design and building services has numerous advantages for not only our team’s efficiency in delivering results to our clients, but also for your experience working with us, from go to whoa.

When your builder and designer are already working together, it means you’ll be speaking with the same party for all your design and construction needs. Consolidating all the ins and outs of your build keeps your head clearer, streamlines our problem-solving processes, and reduces the risk of miscommunication or missed information between design and construction, saving time and unnecessary hassle. In this way, integrating all parts of the process reduces timelines, which helps avoid major budget blowouts in the build phase, therefore saving you money in the long run.

At Platinum Pro, we can reverse-engineer your budget by accurately providing you with forecasted and current building costs. You’ll be provided relevant and accurate industry intel from our builders to give you realistic timeframes, and, when certain elements of your design potentially impact your budget, our team can suggest alternative approaches and materials that meet required cost guidelines, as well as the desired outcome.

Our Purple Army has a range of experiential knowledge from past projects and builds, that enable us to find practical solutions to any challenges that your block initially presents – which is hugely relevant to our Tasmanian setting where the landscape can change drastically within a 20-minute drive… or even 20 metres! For example, if your project includes a large slope, our builders can support the designers in seamlessly configuring the build for your unique patch of land.

If you’re still on the hunt for your new address, our builders can jump in during the design stage and provide some insight into block selection. Alternatively, you can check out some house and land package options we have access to.

Masters of efficiency

Our in-house designers bring incredible value to the building process. They can speak directly to the practicalities of your design, and with hands-on experience in material usage, time management, and product sizing, they bring practical knowledge that benefits every stage of your building journey. Masters of all things design, one of the biggest benefits is their ability to be smart with the use of space.

Energy efficiency is a particularly important factor that goes into the practicalities of your design. A designer can do this by considering a few different factors, such as orientation and positioning, material usage, and airflow in the home.

The first step will usually be to take a look at the orientation and aspect of your block, as well as seasonal implications. For example, positioning the main living areas to be north-facing means your space can max out on winter sun (super important when building in the cool Tassie climate). This will allow you to drastically save on energy usage in your home, reducing your utilities costs indefinitely. Attentive to floor plan design, your designer might also look at locating garage and laundry areas in spaces that would usually require extra heating or cooling, as they generally don’t need to hold the comfortable temperatures of your living spaces.

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Tapping into their wealth of knowledge, our designers will carefully consider the selection of materials for walls, roofs, and floors, making sure to champion the kind that maximises energy efficiency and decreases maintenance (hello future savings!).

The beauty of our designers is their nitty-gritty thinking. Take airflow as an example. The right amount of ventilation is vital for a healthy home, keeping moisture minimal and, in turn, the chances of mould growth. Cross-ventilation, particularly in the warmer months, makes for inexpensive cooling – yay to lower carbon emissions and a cheaper energy bill at the end of the month. Win-win!

The Purple Army is the way to go

When it comes to bringing your vision to come to life, many elements need to come together with equal parts strategic planning, expertise, and high-quality craftsmanship. We know this can be overwhelming and stressful for you if all moving parts lack coordination, and that’s where we come in.

Platinum Pro is like a well-oiled (but fun!) machine, with a determination to see your dream come to life with you. With our amazing design team in-house, you’ll experience a streamlined build, with reduced timelines and costs, and seamless communication in tow. Who wouldn’t want that?

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