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Why is house orientation important?

Tasmania – best known for its rugged beauty and amazing food, wine and beaches, but not so much for the balmy temperatures the rest of Australia is known for. That's why the design and orientation of your house on your block must be carefully planned to suit Tasmania's climate, maximise natural sunlight in the winter and limit it during the summer.

There are many pros to building in Tasmania, but if you're not sold yet, here are some of our favourite things about living in Tassie, particularly the North-West coast. Firstly, even though we're in a real estate boom, our housing prices are still competitive and non-comparable to those in other major cities around Australia. We might be a bit biased, but the lifestyle is second-to-none, commuting is a dream (when there's no roadworks), and you can live in a semi-rural area and still be only a few kilometres from Devonport, Burnie, Latrobe, Ulverstone, or Launceston. If that isn't enough, one of our personal favourite things about living in Tassie is that no matter where you are, you're never more than a couple hours away from a beach!

So now you're sold on Tasmania, the next step is finding your perfect block. And that starts with us!

Platinum Pro will work with you to ensure you find the right block for your needs. This includes ensuring that the location you're looking at building in is zoned correctly, as Tasmania has some pretty strict rules about building on agricultural land. Our team will work with you to find the perfect residential block that will suit your needs, as well as carrying out soil tests and site surveys to give you the best advice. At Platinum Pro, we have great relationships with local developers, which means we often get first access to new parcels of land to offer our clients (did someone say house and land package?!).

One of the most important components of surveying your site is assessing your block's orientation, as this will inform the way your home is positioned on your land. If you have ever wondered why your house is freezing cold in winter and way too hot in summer, it could be due to its orientation. A well-orientated home has two major benefits – climate management and energy efficiency. In Tasmania, the best orientation of your house will be one that maximises northern sunlight for natural heating. This is because the northern side captures the most sun throughout the day, based on the sun's axis from east to west (in winter, the sun sits at an angle of approximately 32 degrees, whereas in summer, it sits at an angle of 67 degrees). Orientating your house correctly, and having your build designed with this in mind, will mean your home is drenched in natural light, making it more bearable when that energy bill arrives after a long winter!

Pre-designed, but uniquely yours.

At Platinum Pro, all of our pre-designed plans are customisable, to suit the needs of your block's orientation. Our in-house design team will carefully assess the floorplan to ensure your living and central areas are north facing. In addition, all our plans are designed to consider window placement and size to maximise liveability all year round.

Thinking of building your dream home on your dream block? It starts with us.

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Our award-winning builders at Platinum Pro Construction will make your dream come true. We offer a local, reliable team to guide you smoothly through the whole build at every phase without hassle or hidden costs.

Contact us for your next project and we can assist you choosing the right block and the perfect plan.

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