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Our Process

Building your dream home should be an adventure, not a hassle. At Platinum Pro, we've crafted a process that's as exciting as it is efficient. From the moment you ink that initial agreement, the thrill of creating your perfect home begins.

It's not just a home!

We're not just about building homes – we're about building dreams. It's an added bonus that we can also deliver these dream homes faster and better than the industry average. Our streamlined process means you'll be moving into your new home much sooner than a traditional approach. Plus, our fixed price guarantee ensures peace of mind throughout your entire home building journey, knowing that no surprise costs will pop up.

The process

If you're new to this whole building thing, don't worry. The very first step of our process is to sit down with you and talk you through our pre-planning service. This is a discussion where we chat about your goals and vision for your new home and, of course, your budget. From here, we'll map out a plan that not only ensures that what we design matches your design brief, but also aligns with your budget.

The next step is signing your preliminary agreement. As part of this preliminary agreement, Platinum Pro sorts out all council reports and relevant documentation, Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), submissions, and approvals needed to get your build underway. At the preliminary agreement stage, we only ask for a small deposit of $2000 to get started, which means you keep your hard-earned money in the bank for longer.

We'll then meet with you in person for a design brief meeting, which includes our General Manager, Buzz, our Client Liaison, Brooke, and the builder designer (Raquel, if it's in-house or the builder designer of your choice). From this meeting, we develop the concept plan, which takes 2-3 weeks on average. Once we have your concept plan ready, we'll get you back to present this. Our team will work with you to ensure this concept is exactly what you want and keep reworking until your vision is perfectly portrayed in these plans. Once we're all happy, the final step here is to run a budget estimate, where we'll provide you a cost range to ensure what we've presented is within your budget. If it's not? We'll work with you on some revisions we can make, such as reducing space or tweaking features.

The next step: Platinum Pro will submit your plans for development application (DA), which usually takes 21-42 days between submission and approval.

And now, the fun part – selections! While your plan is sitting with the local council for DA, you'll be armed with our selections booklet and working with our design partners to choose your joinery, fittings and fixtures, colours, tiles and electrical – everything you need to make the house your home! Our selections booklet makes it easy for you, detailing everything from door handles to your driveway finish.

The final step before construction is to present your fixed-price building quote and contract, which you can use for formal finance approval. Because that's right – it's a fixed price! Our fixed-price building contract does not change in price. This is because we do all the selections and specifications during the design phase and numerous budget checks along the way. The Platinum Pro fixed price guarantee is actually that - guaranteed.

However keen we (and you) are to get your home started, we first ensure everything is planned and in place, ready for a smooth building journey. We make sure all plans and relevant documentation is submitted, certificates are obtained, and all the necessary paperwork is handled. What's that saying? Measure twice, cut once…

The building begins!

And here's where the real fun begins - your dream starts taking shape right before your eyes (and through your phone screen). From pre-planning to handover, the whole process is tracked via the trusty Buildertrend app. We use this app to keep you updated on everything happening on site - saving the daily drive-by. With weekly progress shots and detailed stage information, our clients describe this as an excellent tool. It not only keeps you informed, but adds an exciting dimension as you can sit down and see the progress unfold.

Your keys to your future!

Then… after the purple army has done their thing, we get to the final reveal! It's time to hand over the keys to your new home. And as you step through that front door, we're confident you'll realise it's not just a house; it's the start of a new chapter.

And the best part? This is your dream and your vision. You've been personally involved in the design and selections along the way (as well as heaps of help with the nitty gritty), so it really is a team effort to bring this to life!

So, are you ready to begin? Let's create your dream home together… it starts with us.

*While every home and timeline are different, our build time frames are generally around 6 months, giving you the chance to move into your new home 9-12 months sooner than the industry average!*

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