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Your perfect community development starts with us

If you are a developer looking to create a small community with a multi-unit development, or if you are considering turning your property from one family home into a duplex, triplex, or apartments – talk to us.

Along with our excellent communication and tailor-made plans, we are also experienced in building to a budget and maximising efficiency in construction. We use the highest quality materials, consider all environmentally sensitive design elements, and work with you to achieve your goals.

In planning multi-unit development solutions, we design to maximise the private space for each resident, while creating a sense of community through carefully planned common areas.

We aim to create functional, clean and beautiful neighbourhoods, where the residents will be able to enjoy open space in complete privacy.

Getting the most out of high-density areas 

Our team is experienced, certified, and strictly follow changes in residential design codes. Our knowledge of the local area means we can provide the perfect multi-unit development, especially in suburbs where previous residential zoning did not allow building.

We create well-planned designs to create a strong sense of liveability and get the most out of high-density areas. Whether you are planning to live onsite or you intend to resell, we will provide a premium planning and construction service.

Our staff can also create a 3D visualisation, so you can see how the development will look like within its surroundings. And of course, we will not start the construction process until you are completely satisfied with the plan.

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Duplex, triplex or apartments – your choice

We are not limited to multi-unit developments – we are just as comfortable in creating different types of residential properties, such as duplex and triplex builds, or apartments.

A duplex development can be an excellent way to take advantage of your land and create two properties that you can rent to receive extra income. We can design and construct a duplex by redesigning your existing property, or we can build one from scratch.

Triplex or individual apartments are suitable if you need more than two separate units on one parcel of the land.

We will find the best solution that complies with building codes and regulations in the zone where your land is located. And you are guaranteed our platinum service in build quality and delivery to obtain the maximum return on your investment.

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We are the top choice for many residential clients across North West Tasmania – from Hawley to Devonport to Ulverstone to Penguin. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself!

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