Our process

Our planning process

We know you are excited and want to start building now! But whoa there, you will have to slow down. We have done this building gig a few times - and we know that a detailed planning phase is crucial for a successful build.

That is why we have developed this simple yet seamless planning process. It is our roadmap to ensure we move through the planning stages efficiently, that we clearly communicate all details to you, and no important step is missed along the way.

Our process is easy


Timeframe: 1 week

Initial consultation and feasibility

We will meet you to discuss your vision for your new home.

We will then roughly map out a house plan to suit the site and your requirements.

Next, we will run a budget feasibility on the proposed build, to outline the expected project costs - this helps to align expectations with budget from a very early stage.

It's then time to get the official design underway!


Timeframe: 4 weeks

Preliminary agreement

A small deposit fee of $2,000 will be raised at this stage to cover some of the initial design costs - soil tests, site surveys, concept design etc (view our explainer video below).

It's important to note that this is the only cost incurred until you start building - we will cover the remaining $15k required to design, engineer, certify and approve your plans so that your hard earned cash can be used towards your home deposit.

Having this extra cash could save you from paying expensive lenders mortgage insurance, give you access to lower interest rates and could even increase your borrowing power by up to $100,000!

With the agreement out of the way the fun begins!


Timeframe: 6 weeks

Design + selections

Our design team will start designing your new home.

Once you sign-off on the concept plans we will run another quick budget check to ensure we are still within our budget. As part of this more detailed estimate we will also provide you with a selections allowance document. Armed with this document it's time for you to meet with our design partners (joiners, electricians, fittings & fixtures, colours etc) to select the internal finishes of your home.

Whilst you are out selecting these items our design team will get your plans ready for Development Application with the local council.


Timeframe: 6 weeks

Construction estimate

As soon as we receive notice that the development application has been approved we will commence the detailed construction documentation. This includes engaging an engineer and energy consultant. Next, our project manager will complete the final construction estimate for your new home. This estimate forms the basis of your fixed price building contract which you can use to receive formal finance approval.

Definition: A fixed price building contract is a contract that does not change in price! Because we do ALL of the selections and specifications during the design phase and with so many budget checks along the way, the Platinum Pro fixed price guarantee is GUARANTEED.


Timeframe: 4 weeks

Council submission and building certification

Before the build begins, we submit your plans to the relevant council and all other necessary departments, to obtain the required certificates and building permits.

The moment you have been waiting for!


Timeframe: 4-6 months

Building begins!

Based on your finalised plans and selections, we begin the build.

We will organise regular meetings during the building process to keep you up-to-date, and we will guide you through the project as it progresses – so you can enjoy seeing your dreams come to life!

Because we do so much of our project management and procurement during the design phase our typical build time frame is condensed to 4-6 months.

Taking into account our streamlined design and build process, you get to move into your new home 9-12 months sooner than the industry average!


Turning a house into your home!

We finally hand over the keys to your new home and you can now move in and make it your own!

Our payment plans

We offer flexible payment terms to get you started while you are waiting for your final loan approval! Check out this excellent video and learn how we can help you.

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