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The advantages of building a smaller home

Less is more… Good things come in small packages… You get the gist! Whatever the cliché, it couldn't be more true when planning your build in Tassie right now. Labour and material costs have significantly increased recently, which has made building a large home far more expensive. Additionally, with recent interest rate rises reducing people's borrowing capacities, the cost of building is a big consideration.

The fact that the actual parcels of land we're building on are significantly decreasing in size - blocks are getting smaller and subdivisions are getting tighter – is just another reason that smaller homes are becoming more and more popular.

In this blog, we'll be sharing the advantages of building a smaller home, as well as how you can maximise your block and get the most out of your build (without breaking the bank)!

Cost-saving benefit

One of the most obvious advantages of building a smaller home is the cost-saving benefit. A smaller home requires fewer materials and less labour, which seriously reduces your upfront construction costs, and results in a smaller mortgage and more money in your bank. Saving on these upfront costs means you can invest in higher quality and more energy-efficient finishes and fittings to enhance your home, resulting in further long-term savings and a more comfortable living environment. With a smaller, more energy-efficient space to heat and cool, your ongoing utility bills will also be lower…you’ve got to love that!


Now, building a smaller home doesn’t mean you need to make compromises. The average house in Tasmania has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is definitely still achievable in a smaller home! Take a look at our pre-designed plan Mylan, for example (total area 202m2). This design offers a double garage, open-plan kitchen, living and dining room, three bedrooms (all with wardrobing), and two bathrooms. Our pre-designed plans are here to help make the building process more straightforward (and less daunting), but are super flexible to allow you to add or move anything you want. We'll work with you and your block to deliver your dream home.

Another positive about smaller homes is that they often have a more intimate connection with the outdoors. You can design your home to maximise natural light, create seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, and make the most of your property's natural surroundings. When designing your home, our team consider a range of things, but a big one is your home's orientation, so we can make the most of the available natural light and capture the views.

Building a smaller home in Tassie

Isn't just a choice of practicality; it's also a lifestyle choice. It's about embracing the beauty of simplicity, minimising your environmental impact, and focusing on what truly matters to you. Whether you're downsizing, building your first home, or just looking for a change, consider the advantages of building a smaller home in Tasmania.

Chat with our team today – we can ensure your small home includes everything that’s important to you and your lifestyle!

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