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How to build a modern home within your budget?

Preparing to build

The building process of a family, first, or forever dream home should be filled with excitement and make for some great memories, but we can also understand it can be a stressful process - especially when your dream home and budget don't exactly line up. One of the biggest issues for people who are looking to build a home, especially the first home, is not being realistic about their budget.

We've done this building thing a few times, so we our process has been designed to roadmap every stage of the build, clearly communicating all the details and payment stages. Our goal is to keep your hard-earned savings in the bank for as long as possible, so our deposit fee is only $2000 as part of our preliminary agreement.

We at Platinum Pro Constructions have a long tradition of creating beautiful houses for reasonable prices, and we will be more than happy to share with you useful tips about how to build a modern home within your budget.

Keep yourself updated about the HomeBuilder grants

If you already did some research, you’ve probably familiar with the fact that Tasmania is the only state with both Commonwealth and First Home Owner Grant programs. It is important to keep track of the current grants and eligibility requirements, so you don’t miss the application deadline. Also, you can apply for a first home buyer concession in Tasmania if you haven’t received the First Home Owners Grant. In case you are not a first home buyer or you don’t fit in with the stamp duty concession requirements, you can avoid their excessive costs by hiring and putting your trust in Devonport’s most trusted construction company.

Commit to construction pre-planning

This vital part of the project development process is often overlooked. Knowing that the deconstruction of essential components is key for a successful building, not paying enough attention to pre-planning may negatively affect your budget. Moreover, it identifies potential design and construction issues, so they can be easily avoided before the team begins with the works on site. When you have a smooth-running project that was planned in detail, there is a greater possibility that your budget will not be exceeded. We advocate for the importance of this procedure, so construction pre-planning is a phase that we always put all of our attention to.

Choose your plan wisely

Platinum Pro specialises in design and construct homes. Our pre-designed plans save you heaps of time and money, but still allow flexibility and freedom to tweak the plans and designs to make it your dream home (it just gets a lot of the hard work out of the way!).

Some things to consider if you're living a champagne life on a beer budget - minimalistic and open plan concept design can be a budget-friendly solution. Single-storey homes are the most cost effective, the more complex the plan and more engineering it requires, the more the house is going to cost.

Need some inspiration? Check out pre-designed, but uniquely yours plans.

Stick to the design

One of the main reasons for budget exceeding is changing the design along the way. Once you signed the final contract and established the fee, modifications are going to alter the cost. To avoid this, we clearly outline and communicate to you at every stage of the build so you can easily follow every stage of the process - thanks to the use of our BuilderTrend app!

There is a great deal of planning, surveying and administration included before the concrete is poured. We make sure that you are fully informed about what to expect at each stage because we know that thorough planning is the core of a successful project. Moreover, we want you to have fun along the way, so you will use our special selection samples to pick finishes, fittings and colours you like. No matter the choice, you can be sure that each will fit the budget we set in the beginning.

Consider house and land packages

The popular house and land package is one of the most affordable solutions for home buyers. You already have the prepared designs and layouts to choose from and even add as many customised components as you wish, and still, get the budget calculations accurately and easily. The best part is that you’ll have a single point of contact through your builder, which means a transparent and determined financial plan.

Platinum Pro is an award-winning and reputable Devonport construction company that offers creative, unique and affordable solutions for any budget. It is our main goal to have satisfied customers, so you can be sure that the whole team will commit entirely to your project. Contact us today and learn more about our offers!

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