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MyHome Scheme - how does it help me?

Getting a foot in the door of your dream home is easier than you think...

Apart from actually moving in, dreaming about your future home is one of the best parts of the home building process; picturing yourself sipping a morning cuppa in your open plan living room, or afternoon wines in the outdoor alfresco that you just know will host the best summer get togethers… Imagining how it’s going to be makes it all feel one step closer.

But to make it a reality, practicality is paramount. And that means talking about money – you know, how you’re actually going to pull this off. We understand that money-talk can be intimidating even at the best of times, and when it comes to building a home, you’re faced with a handful of tall hurdles including the daunting task of saving for a deposit, the confusion of figuring out how much money you actually need to build a home, not to mention how the heck you’re going to get your loan...

We hear you. That’s why we aim to smooth out that process. At Platinum Pro Construction, you can leave your fears at the door and trust that we’re serious about making your dreams reality.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how our recent partnership with Steven from SRG Financial can help you to maximise the MyHome Program and have Platinum Pro start building your home sooner than you think!

Dream 👉 reality

At PPC, our goal is to make the home building process as stress-free as possible for you. But there’s one crucial box we need to check before starting the process – ensuring you’ve got (or can get) the funds. Thanks to our mate Steven at SRG Financial, we can now offer a service to help you check that first box and start the process, or at least set you up with some goals to get you there sooner. Whether you’ve done the hard part of saving up your deposit, or are simply just wanting to make that first point of contact to see how much you need saved to have finance approved, Steven and his team are here to help... which will result in getting that slab poured asap.

You could begin with as little as $5K

With the expertise of Steven, you’ll be provided the best options available to you, which will likely include the MyHome program from Bank of Us.

Did you know that through this program, you could be eligible for a loan with just a 2% deposit? Under MyHome, Homes Tasmania will jointly purchase your home with you, which is why you only need such a small deposit, and will mean that you can be in your dream home much sooner than you thought.

Whatever your situation – whether you’re on the search for your first home, or you and your partner are looking to upgrade the family home – we’re with you on this journey to make it happen.

With programs such as MyHome at our fingertips, it’s the perfect opportunity to get in touch with our team and get the ball rolling!

How does MyHome work?

By going with the MyHome Program, the upfront costs that come with buying your own home are shared with the Tasmanian Government, which means that you don’t need such a hefty deposit (win!) or to be making such large mortgage repayments (win again!).

For a deposit of just 2%, you could be eligible to receive a maximum contribution of $200,000 or 40% of the purchase price of a new home of house and land package under the MyHome program. Now that’s something worth thinking about.

And best of all, it’s not just available to first homeowners – it’s for anyone!

Platinum Pro Construction is with you every step of the way

Is a new home sounding a bit more attainable now? That was the aim!

Once we’ve got you on track with your financial situation, we’ll get rolling with the fun part (sorry, Steve – our part is definitely more fun!).

If you’ve got new home dreams, we’re excited to help you make them a reality Let’s start the conversation today.

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