Greg Joyce

Greg Joyce

Project Carpenter


Old Greg - or if Chris is about, it's “Gina”.

How long has he worked at Platinum Pro?

Nearly 3 years!

Greg’s average workday includes:

If it's a new site I'll probably do a good site clean, but if I'm already there, I'll set up the tools required, get stuck into the task/repair. Have a break if need be. Pack down tools, clean site and set up or obtain any tools material for the following day.

Favourite part about his job?

Working with my hands, I'm generally at the job at the pointy end, so I get to see it all come together and iron out any kinks or issues. Hate to say it, but I love having to MacGyver things.

Most memorable or favourite project:

Western Creek. The job was set out different, but practically, with different finishes and appliances (fireplace tiles), a whopping big deck with a good view, and nice easy going owners. I enjoyed the drive to and from the job the most.

Why does he love Platinum Pro?

There were positions with most of the builders around Devonport when I was returning to Tas. All my friends said, "Platinum Pro is good and have high standards, Sam is honest and fair and they work big hours". When I met the boss in Latrobe he seemed straightforward and willing to take a risk on someone with little to no references.

Final meal ever:

Eye fillet steak cooked rare accompanied by chips and pepper sauce. Bottle of cab sauvignon.

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