Cameron Krahenbuhl

Cameron Krahenbuhl

Apprentice Carpenter

Cameron's average workday includes:

The average day normally fitting out the house like doing skirting arcs and doors, some days are pretty different but that's mainly what I do.

Favourite part about his job?

Just the variety of work, every day is pretty different and just good not being at one place for months.

Most memorable or favourite project:

A job at cotton street Latrobe, I got to fit out a whole house from scratch and learn everything which was fun.

A tool Cameron can’t go a day without:

My tool belt, because you just have everything with you at all times just makes the job so much easier.

Special skills:

I love paintball and play for state paintball playing in tournaments across Tassie and Victoria.

Why does he love Platinum Pro?

Cause the company actually cares about their employers and the houses we build, they don't just think about the money like other bigger companies.

What would he take on a deserted island?

Knife, fire lighters and flare of course.

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