Michelle Knowles

Platinum Pro Michelle ext

Accounts Payable



How long has she worked at Platinum Pro?

Started in August 2022.

Shell’s average workday includes:

Keeping our accounts up to date and paying all our wonderful subcontractors and staff!

Favourite part about her job?

Working with a great team.

Why does she love Platinum Pro?

We met Sam through the construction of our own home and thoroughly enjoyed dealing with him. I was excited to join the team when an opportunity came up to help out with the accounts side of the business.

A tool Shell can’t go a day without:

Definitely my computer.

Final meal ever:

Steak with pepper sauce & veggies and a cider.

Tell us something we don't know?

I live with my husband and two boys on a couple of acres and have two pet miniature goats.

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