Charley Davies

Platinum Pro Charley ext

Administration and Planning Coordinator

What's your nickname?

Chaz or Charley Bell.

How long have you worked at Platinum Pro?

Started in February 2023, so now over 1 year!

Chaz’s average workday includes:

Come in and start up the computer ready for a busy day of applications and emails, helping kickstart our clients journey and getting them ready for the building stage!

Favourite part about her job?

I love working within a great team and being able to see clients become more and more excited as they see their dream homes come to life!

Why Platinum Pro?

Platinum Pro have a really great team of people to work with and they have a great culture.

A tool she can’t go a day without:

My computer, wouldn't be able to complete a days work without it!

What would she take on a deserted island?

My dog, a chair and something to drink.

Final meal ever?

Roast pork with roast veggies and gravy, followed by a chocolate torte with strawberries. To drink some Pig & Pooch Moscato.

Special skills:

I have completed a Certificate IV in Interior Decoration.

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