Ethan Kerger

Eythan Kerger Updated

Project Carpenter

What's your nickname?


Kerg's average workday includes:

Get up, get to work (around 15 minutes early), and unpack all my tools for the day. Then I get in, have a crack until I knock off.

Favourite part about his job?

The people and the variety of work we do.

Why Platinum Pro?

Had a mate tell me about Platinum Pro, so I had a look into it and didn't really need to look elsewhere because I knew I wanted to work at Platinum Pro.

Most memorable or favourite project:

Braddon's Lookout.

A tool he can’t go a day without:

Nail bag, because I can fit a lot of tools in there!

What would he take on a deserted island?

Boat, food and lighter.

Final meal ever?

Herb's pizza and a coke.

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