Michael Paske

Michael Paske

Sales and Marketing Manager


Paskey, Mick, MP

Paskey’s average workday includes:

My role is to look after all those considering building with Platinum Pro. From the time you see us/hear about us, to sharing your vision and ensuring we are the right fit to make your dream a reality!

Favourite part about his job?

I enjoy building relationships and problem solving. To create value for people through genuine connection and understanding your goals, so we can create the magic together.

Why platinum Pro?

Platinum Pro has a great brand presence in Tasmania, and being part of a growing team that has such an impact on our community is awesome.

A tool he couldn't go a day without?

My trusty Google Calendar! Planning my days and weeks, so I can prioritise clients and team time.

Final meal ever:

I'd have to say a quality crispy pork belly and a smooth rum and coke.

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