Oscar Weeks

Platinum Pro Oscar ext

Apprentice Carpenter

How long have you worked at Platinum Pro?

Since 2023, so just over a year

Oscar’s average workday includes:

Every day normally starts off by getting to site around 10-15 minutes early to get everything set up for the day. So far I've done lots of different things from framing to finishing tasks like fit outs and decking.

Favourite part about his job?

Being outside and seeing the progress after a days work.

Why Platinum Pro?

I met Sam last year through School and ended up doing work experience. It was a great work environment and the people were awesome.

Most memorable or favourite project:

I haven't worked on many yet, but so far it would have to be Beachrock View because I got to see it be finished off.

A tool he can’t go a day without:

Probably my Nailbag as it has pretty much everything I need in it.

What would he take on a deserted island?

A fishing rod to keep me fed, a speaker to keep me entertained and a boat to take me home when I've had enough.

Final meal ever?

A pub chicken schnitzel and chips with some gravy.

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