Callan Bellchambers

Platinum Pro Callan ext

Construction Manager

What's your nickname?


How long have you worked at Platinum Pro?

Since January 2023, so just over 1 year

Callan’s average workday includes:

A few phone calls here and there. Running around with the nail bag on.

Favourite part about his job?

I love the variety.

Why Platinum Pro?

Platinum Pro has a great reputation and I wanted to be part of that.

Most memorable or favourite project:

Braddons Lookout.

A tool he can’t go a day without:

Trusty plumb hammer.

What would he take on a deserted island?

Fishing rod and tackle, radio and a bottle of Sailor Jerry.

Final meal ever?

Chicken and rice with a protein shake.

Special skills:

I have the ability to sit down on the couch for a 'quick rest' and wake up four hours later.

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