Sam Walters

Sam Walters



Boss man or Sammy.

Sam’s average workday includes:

A strong flat white generally gets me going, followed by some reading & daily planning, then mostly trying to stick to that plan and not get sucked into the easy, comfortable tasks.

Favourite part about his job?

I love creating stuff. Whether it be creating opportunities for my people, creating a new place for somebody to live, work, grow, or elevate.

Most memorable or favourite project:

Myself and my team. Not that I view anyone (including myself) as an object or a thing, but I certainly believe that the most memorable project or task of creating a great culture based around teamwork, fun and continuously elevating my team has been one of my most memorable moments.

Special skills:

I have a pair of webbed toes... I often get asked why don't I just cut them, but I am pretty sure it makes me swim heaps quicker, so I can't see the point.

Why does he love Platinum Pro?

Is this the bit where I say 'I wanted to take over the world and be the next big thing?' No, seriously, I wanted to create something that I could call my own. The potential that I saw from owning my own business and lessons I learnt from once being an employee have made sure I made the correct choice in working on/at Platinum Pro.

Final meal ever:

Definitely my partner's Thai green curry. And in all seriousness, a stubby of Great Northern Original.

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