Brooke Rosevear

Brooke Rosevear

Client Liaison & Culture Queen


Brooklyn & Brooko!

Brooke’s average workday includes:

Arrive to the office with sufficient snacks for the day, say G'day to the team and settle in, then begin liaising with our wonderful clients and ensuring their journeys are stress free and exciting right from start to finish!

Favourite part about her job?

As Client Liaison, I feel so grateful that I get to experience the entire journey of building a new home with our clients.

There's never a dull day and each build is so different in it's own way. We cater so well to the individual here and I feel that makes all the difference. Home Handovers are for sure incredibly special but sometimes even a simple frame walkthrough can be just as memorable, as seeing the joy on our owners faces when they come to site and discussing the progress we've made is super rewarding.

I've got to say my crew too! We're a very strong team, there's plenty of banter and genuine bonds with everyone, it makes coming to work so easy!

A tool she can’t go a day without:

Definitely would have to say my computer and the phone!
Without them liaising would be quite the challenge!

Special skills:

I taught my cats to both play fetch and sit for their meals. I am one invested cat Mum!

Final meal ever:

Seafood laksa with a side of steamy white rice (carbs) & probably a packet of Red Rock Deli sweet chili sour cream chippies! Finished off with a refreshing glass of rose.

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