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Friends who give you benefits 😉...

You’ve experienced the PPC excellence first-hand, or perhaps you've just heard about it, so why not tell your friends about it? Not only will you be rewarded if they choose to build with us, but they will also reap the benefits...If you refer another person to build with us, once they pay their deposit and sign a preliminary agreement, here’s what happens.

You get to choose...


$1500 cold hard cash

Refer a friend to us, and we'll put $1500 cash right in your pocket. It's as simple as that! Once your friend pays their deposit and signs a preliminary agreement, we'll make it rain with some extra cash for you.

Or option two...


$2000 voucher

Once the deposit is paid and the preliminary agreement is signed, you will receive a $2000 voucher* from one of the following options:

  • travel agent
  • house cleaner
  • landscaper
  • to donate to a local charity

Whether you're dreaming of a vacation, a spotless home, a stunning landscape, or giving back to your community, the choice is yours.

*this voucher won't be broken up into separate amounts.

It's time to start referring...

Don't wait any longer. Refer your friend today, and we'll be in touch once an agreement has been signed 🔥

Your name
Name of the person/people you're referring
Their land address (if known)
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While you're here, can you help us out? 

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Thinking of building again?

We don't blame you - to be honest, we'd love to build for you again.

There might be some rules around referring yourself, but why don't you pop in, and we'll see what we can do!

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