Invictus Place, Penguin

Welcome to Invictus Place. Our clients, Jacob and Cyndra connected with us to build their first home. Their requirements included three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage - so we based the design on one of our popular plans, the Cameron. We also took Jacob and Cyndra through one of our previously built homes so they could get a clear idea of the size, layout, and more.

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About the project

While the design was one of our existing plans, Jacob and Cyndra made their home their own. They chose a Hamptons Style finish, with weatherboard exterior and complementary Colorbond roof colour.

Jacob and Cyndra also put their own flair into the interiors, selecting internal fixtures and finishes to give a modern classic feel throughout the house.

They also went through our pre-planning process. Our flexible payment options at the beginning of the project allowed their hard-earned savings to go towards their loan deposit. Then, once the loan was approved, we were well ahead in the building process - as we had all the approvals and reports completed!

The end result is a stylish home that's perfectly suited for Jacob and Cyndra's needs - and is a beautiful space to live in!

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