In Tasmania, house and land packages grew their popularity rapidly in the last few years. The main reasons for that are the convenience and simplicity of the whole process, which allows us to relax and enjoy while going through one of the most important periods of our lives. 

There are so many things to take into consideration and potentially worry about when building our dream house from scratch– from setting a budget and doing our best to stay within it, to the home design that carries a long list of decisions that may truly be overwhelming at times. Not to mention that you are the one who needs to deal with the contractors and adapt your plans to any possible delays. 

House and land package gives you a chance to select a property alongside the house design you like, and leave the rest to the building professionals. Whether you want to move into a larger property or you are a first home buyer, a house and land package is a great option. Before you make your final decision though, it is good to know what exactly to expect along the way. 

Moving Easily and Smoothly from One Phase to Another

From the moment you hire the builder you trust to the point when you get the keys, it is most probable that you will get to even enjoy the whole process. Serious building companies will participate partially or fully to take care of the local council regulations, permits and any additional administrative matters. On the other hand, you will have a team of in-house builders, designers and subcontractors that are all gathered as a part of the representative building company you chose. 

Finally, your obligations include various choices when it comes to fittings, finishes and general design, but if you are working with a capable designer, you can expect to get original ideas and advice on the topics. Moreover, you will be awarded support from the whole team, since all of its members are there for a single goal and purpose and have a single point of contact along the way. 

Reduced Stamp Obligations 

If you are not aware of the financial benefits and loan possibilities of the house and land package, the following information may come as a pleasant surprise. First, the good news is that you only pay stamp duty on the land component excluding the house, as long as the construction has not yet begun on the property. In addition to that, first home buyers can apply for the First Home Owner Grant and benefit greatly. Besides that, with a straightforward mortgage loan, you can get almost the full amount of money needed for the land, while you can apply for the construction loan later and invest in your new home.

Savings on the Maintenance and Energy Efficiency of The New Houses

Since you are moving into a brand-new house on the property you chose, you don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance for at least a few years. There is no possibility that some well-hidden damage or malfunction in the house will appear, or that something will fall apart or break easily. 

Another way to spend some money is by having an energy-efficient home. Whoever lived in an old house was probably surrounded by lovely memories and beautifully crafted furniture, but the price to pay for that pleasure is usually too high. These houses require constant upkeep and common repairs to remain in acceptable condition. In addition to that, insulation and construction materials are not as energy efficient as in the new houses.

Therefore, by having an open-plan living home that is specifically designed to allow you to use less electricity, you will reduce the electricity bill and do a favour to the whole community. 

What are The Possible Downsides of House and Land Packages?

Typically, house and land packages are available on the outskirts of the city, since the building companies need to purchase a large parcel to complete the offer. Maybe the countryside and peace that comes along with it are just what you need, but if that’s not the case, we suggest you contact PlatinumPro today and check out our House and Land Packages that include the metropolitan area of Devonport alongside the suburbs. 

Another thing that you need to be familiar with in detail is what exactly the package includes? People often think that everything they have in mind is included in the contract price when in reality features like fences or driveways may not be part of the deal. Finally, you shouldn’t assume anything. Everything that you are paying for should be itemised in a quote and eventually put in a plan. With PlatinumPro, you will get the transparency you hope for and the highest level of professionalism there is. Our offer doesn’t include hidden costs and false promises, because we are here to turn your vision to life for the fee we established in the contract. Take a look at our plans and feel free to give us a call today.