People choose to move to Tasmania for various reasons and this small state can offer something extraordinary to everyone. Besides beautiful surroundings, amazing food and wine, the temperature on the island stay mild during the summer, which makes it a perfect place to spend this usually unbearable season for many Australians. The truth is, whoever comes for a visit, wishes to stay longer or forever.

Alongside already attractive property prices that are usually beyond comparison with major Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the Tasmanian government offers the First Home Owner Grant for eligible Australian citizens. Even if you don’t apply for any grants and stamp duty concessions, you will be able to find a reliable construction company that will make your dream house for a great price. After all, Tasmania is one of the most affordable places to live in Australia.

Besides the aforementioned great things, you will have the opportunity to experience a relaxed lifestyle that Tassies are famous for. No traffic jams and wasted commuting hours, since the majority of the people are lucky to live close to their workplaces. The best thing is that you can live in the semi-rural area and still be just a few miles away from Davenport, Launceston, or Hobart.

No matter if you are looking to invest or buy, Tasmanian properties have everything you need, and all you have to do is to pick a location you like. Therefore, we created a list of the most attractive and convenient places in Tasmania where you can build your first home.

Devonport – Home to Best Views of Tasmania

Besides being a jumping-off spot to explore Cradle Mountain which is one of the most beautiful Tasmanian localities, Devonport itself has amazing natural surroundings. No matter if you love the relaxed beach or river walks or something more exciting like kayaking or sailing, you will be able to do all of it in the city of Devonport.

You will be encircled by the beauty – that’s a fact, but as in any other city, you will be able to find some business opportunities too. Depending on what your call and vocation are, Devonport is a place of art and history, and home to The Bass Strait Maritime Center and the ever-growing Central Business District. Nonetheless, the Devonport area has rich red soils that are perfect for vegetable, cereals, oil poppies and other crops production.

With 8 primary, 3 secondary and 2 senior secondary schools, Devonport is a great place to raise children. Just around 30 miles West, there is a University of Tasmania in Burnie where the higher education journey can be easily continued.

Even though Tasmania may seem over isolated for some, from the Devonport Airport you can pick one of four flights to Melbourne or do the same if you prefer a ferry. If you wish to stay and build your new life and home in this city, don’t hesitate to turn to Platinum Pro – Devonport’s most trusted and reputable construction company. We can help your dreams come true.

Penguin – A Charming Town Between Burnie and Devonport

This dreamy and friendly seaside town of Penguin is one of the favourite choices for young couples with children. Named after the Fairy penguins by the botanist Rebert Campbell Gunn, this town is conveniently located between Burnie in the West and Devonport in the East. Scenic walking trails and breathtaking drives along the coast are quite enough to make you fall in love with this charming town, but Penguin offers so much more. Famous for its Sunday Market with over 200 vendors that sell local wine, food, goods and crafts, Penguin attracts people from all over the island. From Hobart, there is around 310km and from Launceston around 130.

Considering that there are no jams on the Bass Highway or any other regional way, you can live in Penguin with your family and commute to work in a nearby larger city every day, without any stress. Our builders are located just 20 minutes away from this city, so feel free to contact us for our special First Home offers. 

Cradle Mountain – Living an Adventure

Life on the coast is the first choice for many, but in case you prefer a mountain area, you should consider Cradle Mountain. Part of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, living in its surroundings might be the dream come true for many adventurous souls. Ideal for raising children or spending your retirement years, Cradle Mountain welcomes everyone who truly appreciates the wonders of nature. 

Building in this area carries great responsibilities and some possible restrictions, so we suggest you let the professionals handle the task. Platinum Pro is at your service for any type of residential construction in Devonport and the surrounding area, so contact us today and come closer to a home you always wanted.