Andrew Woolley

Andrew W

Construction Manager



How long has he worked at Platinum Pro?

Just under a year.

Favourite part about his job?

Standing back when the house is finished and seeing a finished project.

Most memorable or favourite project:

I didn't really work on it much but the Preservation Bay job came up awesome!

A tool Andrew can’t go a day without:

Radio! Need music pumping, not Triple J!!

Special skills:

I read a lot.

Why does he love Platinum Pro?

I missed building and I knew Sam ran a good ship at Platinum Pro, so I thought why not.

What would he take on a deserted island?

A device that played Spotify (e.g podcasts or music) and some type of gym machine. It's not an item, but my dog for sure.

Final meal ever:

A dirty snack pack from a proper kebab shop with a Mountain Dew drink.

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