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So, someone's pointed you in our direction. Let us introduce ourselves...

We're Platinum Pro Construction - your local construction company who have been building dream homes across the North West Coast since 2016.

We like to look after our local community, so, if you build with us, we'll look after you (and your mates, too!).

Read on to find out how our referral process can help you build (and why your friends are raving about us!). We've also popped in some info about process and payment options.

If you build with us you can choose from...


$1000 cash

As a token of our appreciation for your business and support, you can choose to receive $1000 in cash at the end of your build. It's our way of saying 'thank you' for joining the Platinum Pro family.


$1500 worth of upgrades to your home

You have the chance to elevate your home even further. Choose this option, and you'll receive $1500 worth of upgrades to your build. From a top-of-the-line oven to other premium appliances, perhaps that feature mirror you've been eyeing off or you're keen to splurge a little more on the gold fixtures and fittings - the choice is yours.

To make it even easier, our Client Selection Handbook is here to guide you in selecting the perfect fixtures for your dream home.

Our 7-step planning process

We have developed this simple yet seamless planning process. It is our roadmap to ensure we move through the planning stages efficiently, that we clearly communicate all details to you, and no important step is missed along the way.


#1 - Initial consultation and feasibility

We'll meet to discuss your new home vision, create a preliminary house plan for your site and needs, and perform a budget feasibility to estimate project costs early on.

Ready, step, go!

#2 - Preliminary agreement

A $2,000 deposit covers initial design expenses (soil tests, surveys, concept design). The only cost until construction starts. We'll handle the remaining $15k for design, engineering, certification. This helps you save on mortgage insurance, access lower rates, and boost borrowing power by up to $100,000.


#3 - Design + selections

Our design team initiates your home design. After your approval of concept plans, we check the budget. You receive a selections allowance document for choosing finishes with our design partners (joiners, electricians, etc). Meanwhile, we prepare plans for the Development Application with the local council.

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Our payment plans 

We offer flexible payment terms to get you started while you are waiting for your final loan approval! Check out our explainer video and learn how we can help you.

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