Our Services

We are a construction company in Devonport, Tasmania specialising in New Homes, Unit Developments & Concreting.

Our Services

New Homes

Making the decision to build a new home is both exciting and uncertain times. With Platinum Pro Construction Devonport, we take away all the uncertainty by working closely with you on each phase of the build with 100% communication. From the planning & design stages, to the actual build itself, working with engineers & designers, right through to handing you the keys. When you work with us, you get the full package, no need to manage a handful of different people to get the job done, our team does that for you! 

Whether you’re building a brand new house from the ground up or you want to renovate and give your current home a new life, Platinum Pro Construction Devonport has the team for you


Unit Developments

Platinum Pro Construction Devonport is ready to work with you on your next development project. We are proud of our workmanship and pride ourselves on delivering quality finishes for a project that will last a lifetime.

We understand that time is of most importance when it comes to unit developments- you’re excited to enter this new phase of your business and we want to help you get there with the best efficiency we can. Our team works together with you, to ensure each phase is completed on time and meets your expectations. We communicate clearly not only with you but the other subtrades and suppliers associated with the project to ensure we are all working to the same goal.

Contact us today to discuss your next development project and how we can bring it to life.

pre planning

The planning phase is never anyone’s favourite, you just want to see your vision come to life, we get that. But ensuring your project is thoroughly planned before we begin is our priority. We have systems, procedures and checklists in place to ensure we can move through this phase in a timely manner, no detail big or small is missed, and you are 100% happy with the plan before we begin the work. 

A thorough planning phase ensures that you get exactly what you ask for, ideas are communicated clearly, and we can stick to the timeline when the build begins. Working with Platinum Pro Construction Devonport means you can move through the planning stages quickly and get the build completed without any misinterpretations or mistakes. You get exactly what you ask for.


Our Planning Process

Planning is our forte! As builders we know that a detailed planning phase is crucial for a successful build. We also understand you are excited to get the build happening and move through the next stages. This is why we have developed a seamless planning process. This process ensures we move through the planning efficiently, all details are clearly communicated and no important step is missed along the way. A well planned build always results in happy home owners!

Step One

We will meet with you at your chosen site for a free consultation and can discuss plans and ideas for your build. We can roughly map out the house plan to suit your site and requirements. If you don’t have a site yet, we also help in your search to find the perfect piece of land.

Step Two

A preliminary agreement will be presented and signed to allow us to obtain the soil test, site survey and draft plans completed. A deposit fee will be raised at this stage to cover all costs.

Step Three

An accurate estimate will be presented at this stage to ensure we are on track with costs and budgets.

Step Four

Submit to Designers to produce your plans. A meeting will be scheduled to view and sign off your plans

Step Five

Before the build begins, we must submit plants to the councils and all other necessary departments to obtain all required Certificates & Building Permits. But don’t worry! We do all this for you. 

Step Six

Here’s the fun part! You get to make decisions to make the house your unique home. Using our Selections Sheet, you get to decide which ideas, colours and selections you would like for your new home.

Step Seven

To ensure we have clearly communicated with one another, we present you with the final proposal, which will replicate your selections and completed plans. This is to ensure no small detail is missed and you are 100% happy with moving forward with the build. 

Step Eight

Let the fun begin! Based on your plans and selections we begin the build. Throughout this time, we will organise regular meetings to keep you up to date on the build and take you through the site/home as it progresses so you can see your dreams slowly come to life! 

Email us now at info@platinumproconstruction to see how we can help with your next building project


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