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On the job

No matter if you are planning to upgrade your home, or you want to build a new one, you will need a team of well-versed constructors by your side. That is exactly what we offer, professional construction services all over East Devonport. 

Our team of experienced architects, interior designers, project and quality control engineers and other licensed technicians is a guarantee that we will provide extremely professional service that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Even if you are not sure how you want your house to look like, or how large it should be, we will be there to schedule you an appointment and visit your site to discuss all the details with you. 

The site inspection is free of charge, so feel free to ask us anything that concerns you and we will give our best to roughly map out the house plan that will fit your needs and requirements. After that, we can discuss further steps, and start working on other elements of your construction projects such as the signing of the preliminary agreement, providing an accurate estimate, obtaining necessary permits and certificates and other.  


Unique Home Designs East Devonport 

One of the most interesting parts of every construction project is planning and creating a home design. In case that you already have a home plan you like, we can move on to the construction part immediately, but in case that you still haven’t made up your mind, we can create a custom-tailored house design. 

Our team will support you from the beginning until the end, by providing tips that will make your future home more appealing and practical. They will also carefully listen to your ideas and requests and find the best way to implement them in your home plan. 

Besides the number of rooms and their positioning, you can also choose the colours you like, as well as fittings and other goods we provide. When all the information is collected, our team will create a 3D visualisation, so you can see how your new home will look like after the construction process is over. 


Swift and Professional Construction Process 

Based on your plans and sections, we will be able to start the construction process, You can rest assured that every member of our team is fully licensed and that we use only high-quality equipment to ensure the safety of all parties involved on-site.  

During the entire process, we will inform you about the progress and organise meetings so you can see how the construction workflows and to see how your vision is coming to life thanks to our skilled constructors. In case there are other contractors on-site, we will work closely with them to ensure that our actions do not interrupt them. 

You will not have to worry about anything because our well-versed project manager will be there to make sure that everything is passing according to the plan and that the construction process will be finished within the deadline. 


Contact the Best Constructors in East Devonport 

If you want to schedule a free of charge estimation of your site inspection, or you are ready to hire our skilled team for your home construction project, we suggest you pick up your phone and send us an email at info@platinumproconstruction. We will be there to provide all details you need to know about our services and to schedule a meeting at the time that fits you best. 

Nothing is good enough for our customers unless it is the best, and that is why we never compromise on the quality of services we provide.

Email us now at info@platinumproconstruction to see how we can help with your next building project


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