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Renovate, remodel or rebuild – which is the best option for your property?

Whether you are planning to do some major or minor work in your home, you always need to carefully consider all factors. Sure, you need to consider your budget and needs, but you also want to make sure that your house will serve you for many years to come.

Therefore, before you consult with a trusted contractor - you need to establish whether you need a house renovation, remodelling or a rebuild. Each has different actions, but their goal remains the same – making your home more functional, beautiful and safe.

What does the house renovation process include?

House renovations are actions that enhance your living space without changing or replacing its structure. If you want to bring more style and functionality into your home, a renovation might do the job.

Renovations include everything from new lighting installation or kitchen appliances update to the walls or trim painting. Therefore, the structure of your kitchen or bedroom remains unchanged, but with a few repairs and cosmetic updates.

Even though these types of services require less money and time, they are effective only if your house construction is still solid and undamaged. Otherwise, the renovation will only mask the potential weak spots of your home - which could later lead to faster deterioration, costing more in the long run with structural repairs and enhancements.

What are the main differences between house remodeling and rebuilding?

House remodelling introduces some structural changes to your home. You might tear out a wall to make more space, or reinvent your kitchen layout to improve the flow – every additional construction is classified as house remodelling. Usually, these constructional modifications are not major, but simply suggest that the purpose of an area has changed. House remodelling covers small projects such as turning your guest room into an office to large-scale projects, such as turning your house into a multi-unit property in a unit development project. House remodelling requires a permit if there are structural modifications.

On the other hand, a house rebuild is classified as designing and constructing an entirely new house (which can resemble your old one as much as you want!). The first phase is demolition or knockdown, which is then followed by a full house construction. Depending on the condition of the foundation, your house may or may not need a new one or additional support. House rebuilds requires a permit.

Things to consider

Now that we’ve defined the terms, you may have a better understanding of what you need. House renovations are relatively simple. You control a lot of aspects, from the design to the material selection, so all you need is a reliable and awesome group of people to complete the actual tasks.

Remodelling requires careful and serious budget analysis. It’s not uncommon that remodelling can cost more than an entire rebuild. Also, your professional building team need to determine whether your house can allow the major modifications you want. It’s not cheap if you need to change the entire electrical or plumbing system for the remodelling! Keep in mind that if you plan to radically change the existing structure, it will take a lot of time, nerves, and money. It’s best to do house remodelling step by step, or better to say, room by room – but only if the initial structure of the house is done professionally and adequately.

This brings us to the most exciting venture – house rebuild. You get a brand new house, without the hassle of changing neighbourhoods, changing your kids schools, packing and unpacking, and leaving your favourite hairdresser down the road. A house rebuild also shows that you’re thinking long-term. You’ll get a better resale price due to the house’s impeccable condition.

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